We believe that great BBQ comes not just from our process, but from our people. So stop by sometime soon and let us show you what we mean.

Pick Up Catering Packages

With Firehouse Pick Up Catering, we will provide all you need so you can focus on your event and guests. Pick up everything hot & ready to serve for 15 people or more.
Menu listed is for orders placed at least 24 hours in advance.

Basic Bar-B-Que Pack $6.50/person
1 meat, 2 sides, Bar-B-Que Sauce, and buns.

Deluxe Bar-B-Que Pack $8.00/person
2 meats, 2 sides, Bar-B-Que Sauce, and buns.

"All In" Bar-B-Que Pack $13.75/person
3 meats, 2 sides, Bar-B-Que sauce, and buns.

*Slight up charge for premium meats and sides. Bar-B-Que Packs include paper products.

Bar-B-Que Choices
Sliced Pork
Pulled Pork
Pulled Chicken*
Chargrilled Chicken*
Sliced Beef*
Beef Brisket*
Baby Back Ribs*

Side Items
BBQ Beans
Cole Slaw
Potato Salad*
Baked Potato*
Broccoli Salad*
Tossed Salad*
Potato Chips*

Add Homemade Desserts $1.00/person
Chocolate Delight
German Chocolate Brownie
Pecan Pie Squares
Peach Cobbler – $38/pan

Add Drinks $1.00/person
Sweet Tea
Unsweet Tea
Pink Lemonade
Includes cups, ice and fresh lemon.

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